Friday, October 31, 2008

Face and Food

By Deanna Matzen

Newborns instinctively have a connection with their mother. Infants recognize their mother's face as being the source of food. Yet as we've grown up, we lost sight of the face behind our food. All of our food - from the grocery store, fast food restaurant, or the food that is overly processed into an unrecognizable paste, came from a person with a face. We need to reconnect with our food's roots, if you will. That's why I want to tell you about a new book called Simone Goes to the Market: A Children's Book of Colors Connecting Face and Food by Dave Westerlund of Bellingham, WA.

Dave told me that his desire was "for children to see that colors have roots - all sorts of amazing colors come out of the earth". And there are people behind those wonderful foods. What came out of that desire was Simone Goes to the Market, which is full of pictures from the local farmer's market in Bellingham.

The book is relevant for a range of ages – for infants learning to focus on faces, small children learning colors, kindergarteners learning to read, and all of us relearning the joy of eating locally. You can buy a copy of the book from the author, see, pick one up at the Public Library in Bellingham, or borrow a copy from Earth Ministry.

Happy Local Eating!

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swirl said...

I believe your link to buy the book is incorrect. Author David recommends contacting him directly at Books cost $15 plus 8% sales tax and $3 to ship 1 to 3 books.