Friday, May 18, 2012

Sabbath from Technology

Like many twenty somethings, much of my life revolves around technology. Some days, I go straight from my computer at work to my laptop at home. Facebook, texts, blogs allow me to remain connected to loved ones around the globe.

Although computers and the internet are central to my life, I also need a break from them, to take a sabbath away from them. I become too involved in my online life and disconnected from the world around me.

In this TED talk, psychologist Sherry Turkle discusses how our expectations of technology change our ability to interact with others, and most importantly our ability to communicate with ourselves and experience emotions.

Our diminished ability to communicate effectively with ourselves and others also damages our ability to communicate with God. When we no longer have the patience to be still and listen or expect immediate responses to our requests, we break our connection to God. It's harder to experience the presence of our Creator with our fingers tapping away on a keyboard. I find a deeper connection when I break away from the screen and go for a walk in a park. The space to reflect and interact with nature opens me to prayer and God's presence.

Although there are many wonders of technology, we also need time and space to interact with other humans around us, to experience nature, and to feel God's presence. Give yourself a sabbath from technology. Go ahead--step away from the computer and go for a walk through your neighborhood.