Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Am Ready to Follow You

I am going to Japan this summer to research Japanese environmental organizations that especially focus on Christian view. Then I will come back to Seattle three weeks later. This plan is something that I had never expected to happen a month ago. Let me explain..

I was supposed to go back to Japan after I complete my degree in environmental studies at Seattle University. I really wanted to tell my family about Jesus, so I was kind of in hurry going back and share things about Jesus to my family and friends in Japan.

But, about a month ago, I started thinking of staying another year. I knew it was not good choice for my family because they also want me to come back as soon as possible, so I tried not to
change the first decision I made.

I had been struggling a lot since then. Should I stay here or not. The reason I wanted to stay here is that I felt that I did not complete things that I needed to do in Seattle or in the States. I came to the Unites States to study the relationship between environmental issues and religion. I wanted to know the solution through religiours point of view. As time goes by in Seattle, I became a Christian and realize the way Christian people need to picture nature from Christian point of view from my heart.

However, there are still many other worldviews that see nature differently. For them, there should have another way to think the solution of environmental issues. I would like to study these things.

Also, I am not ready for reaching my family and friends for Christ. My family do not believe in God. They still think that I should not follow Jesus after I go back to Japan. In Japan, 0.2% of population is Christian. My family think that it will be difficult for me to live as a Christian in Japan. I need more strong faith to be able to stick what I want to do by the time I go back to Japan.
I also do ministry for Japanese people. I believe that many Japanese people need Jesus in thier lives. My faith has been growing through the ministry where I talk about Jesus to non-Christian people. With many friends who support each other I always feel the existence of Jesus.
These are the reasons.
There are some difficulties that I need to overcome in order to stay, but God knows what I need to do and which way I need to go. I am ready to follow Him whereever I go.

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Anonymous said...

Maiko, you have been a wonderful gift to us at Earth Ministry! Your blog today is a testiment to your remarkable spirit and deep faith.

I hope we stay conencted with you for a long time!