Monday, September 8, 2008

Listen Online to Sessions from Earth Ministry's Retreat at Holden Village!

When we were on retreat at Holden Village during July, we learned that they were in the process of building an audio archive of all the sessions ever recorded at Holden Village - which is a lot!

The audio archive went live at the end of August and includes four of the five sessions provided by Earth Ministry staff, all the sessions provided by our board members, Brian Naasz and Kevin O'Brien (Energy and Ethics, Food & Fuel, Nuclear Power), as well as teaching by Alan Storey, who provided the Bible study that week, plus so much more.

So if you were unable to make our retreat, you can relive the experience in part. Unfortunately, we can't provide an online experience of the hikes, views, conversations, food or fresh air, but you can get caught up on the teaching material!

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