Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day of Prayer for Creation Care

By Chris Olson, Outreach Coordinator

Throughout my college experience I learned about the problems facing the environment on a daily basis, but seldom heard about the faith-based call to be stewards of the environment. As I was considering my post-graduation options last winter, one of the reasons a job at Earth Ministry was so appealing to me was that it was a way to integrate the environmental education I received with the call to care for creation that I knew was an important part of my faith. And yet, I rarely heard about this synergistic connection in my college classes or faith community.

Working at Earth Ministry has already been an incredible learning experience. I have been motivated to reach out to my friends still in college who long for developing a clear connection between the role of faith communities in addressing environmental issues. A task that can seem daunting and hopeless. It is the unique aspect of the faith perspective that brings hope to such overwhelming issues and inspires youth and students to become involved in creation care efforts.

By mobilizing college students, a new energy and imagination can be brought to the work of building positive change both locally and globally. That is why I'm so excited that today is the National Day of Prayer for Creation Care! Doesn't that have a nice ring to it? Across the country, people will be joining together to lift up their prayers about environmental concerns and global issues. The brainchild of this national movment is Renewal: Students Caring for Creation. While Renewal's mission is focused on mobilizing college students to care for God's creation, that doesn't mean that the rest of us college graduates can't participate!

Please, on this national day of prayer, lift up your voice and stand in hope with many others for the beautiful creation of which we are a part.

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