Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Boldometer

by Jessie Dye

A “Boldometer” (pronounced bowl-dahm-uh-ter) is an imaginary tool for measuring boldness. It tells us if we are brave and wise and strong enough for our time. We want to be on the green end of the boldometer, not the wimpy red end (timidity alert!).

It’s time for bold climate legislation. If our national and state congresses pass muscular and courageous laws in the session ahead, we can prevent the worst effects of climate change. If not, we solidify policies and infrastructure that lock us into the carbon and toxic economy that has brought so much distress to so many species and ecosystems. In short, we’re toast if America doesn’t score high on the boldometer in the coming year.

Ideas and value systems arc through history and time; most have a natural life cycle with a beginning, middle, and end. This applies to economic theory, civil liberties, scientific thought. What does not change over time is the Green Rule. Every religion teaches some version of this and every denomination states it: do unto the Earth as you would have it do unto you. If we stand in protection of Creation it responds with abundance and richness; if we abuse God’s Earth our species will be repaid in kind.
It’s time to get out the Boldometer and pass climate legislation that provides climate protection, mass transit and good land-use planning, energy efficiency, legislation that puts the kibosh on carbon fuels and makes polluters pay. It’s time for green jobs. It’s time to make the Green Rule into law and policy.

Stay tuned for Earth Ministry’s recommendations for bold legislation on behalf of All Creation!

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J.C. (John Clifford) said...

What bold climate change legislation has already been passed? How did it happen, and how can we replicate it elsewhere? (Excuse this if it duplicates an earlier comment.)