Monday, December 22, 2008

Introducing the 2009 Environmental Priorities

By Mikaila Gawryn
Earth Ministry Outreach Associate

This year Earth Ministry and 23 other environmental organizations from around the state of Washington will join together to advocate for the environment! As the legislative session draws closer we are preparing for an important season of democracy in action.

Since 2003 the Environmental Priorities Coalition has identified and tackled the most pressing environmental issues in the Evergreen State. By working together these groups are able to create large-scale change in the capitol while continuing their work in specific environmental areas around Washington.

Over the last four years Earth Ministry's membership in the coalition has been central in demonstrating the leadership of people of faith. We take Creation Care seriously. In fact, our representatives and fellow citizens now realize tha
t we take it seriously enough to engage in the legislative process.

This year we have four vital priorities and we want your help to pass them!

Priorities 2009

Cap and Invest
By implementing real limits on global warming pollution, we will create new jobs and stimulate the growth of a clean energy economy here in Washington State.

Efficiency First
Promoting energy efficient homes, businesses and public institutions will save money, enhance energy security, and significantly reduce global-warming pollution.

Transit-Oriented Communities
Washingtonians want to live in affordable, walkable and transit oriented communities. This priority would revise the state's transportation and land-use planning framework to assist local jurisdictions to plan for growth in a sustainable and climate-friendly way.

Invest in Clean Water
From Puget Sound to the Spokane River, clean water is Washington's lifeblood and our communities can't thrive without it. This package of targeted polluter-pays fees will protect the taxpaying public and ensure that polluters take responsibility for the impacts of their actions.

How Can I Help?

Attend our January 10th Legislative Workshop-
Learn more about the four priorities and how to talk to your representatives about the importance of climate protection. Make new friends and join long-time ones in this ongoing and important work.

Mark your calendar for Environmental Priorities Lobby Day on February 19th! Join Earth Ministry members and hundreds of other citizens and have your voice heard! Travel to Olympia to speak to your representatives about what matters most. Register here.

Grab the hot-lists - Each week throughout the legislative session the environmental community provides a list of ten (or fewer) highest priority issues being decided upon. A title and quick synopsis gives you an idea of what the issue is, and the position tells you how the Coalition advocates that representatives act. Just grab the list and start calling!

Check out the Environmental Priorities Coalition - Find tips for meeting with your elected official, writing letters to the editor and and information on past priorities with updates.
Find this and more at the Environmental Priorities website.

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