Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Step To Protect the Health of All Creation

by Beth Anderson, Outreach Associate

Fantastic news for all God's children: Washington state's legislature just voted to pass the Safe Baby Bottle Act, which will ban the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) from baby bottles and other food containers designed for children.

Legislative victories are not easily won, and this is no exception! In 2009 the Safe Baby Bottle Act passed the House but did not make it through the Senate, and Earth Ministry and other supporters were left to wait another year. In 2010 the bill became a Priority of the Environmental Priorities Coalition, passed the House 95-1 earlier this week, and today passed in the Senate by a vote of 36-9.

Once the Safe Baby Bottle Act makes it to Governor Gregoire's desk, Washington will join Canada, Connecticut, Minnesota, Chicago, and three counties in New York state in banning BPA from baby bottles, other children's food containers, and (hopefully) sports water bottles.

Keep alert! People of faith can continue to make a difference during the 2010 legislative session by raising their voices in support of the Environmental Priorities. Stay tuned for legislative updates from the Earth Ministry team...

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