Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Healthy Schools Now!

By: Dana Swanson

Recently, R-52 was brought to my attention. No, Star Wars fans, this is of no relation to the amiable droid R2D2. In Washington State, a galaxy not so far away, Referendum 52 is on the ballot this November.

Referendum-52, or Healthy Schools for Washington, presents an important opportunity to improve public schools, community colleges, and universities in the state. Our kids deserve safe, healthy learning environments, yet many school buildings are riddled with mold, lead, asbestos and other toxins. R-52 will repair aging schools, help save energy and reduce global warming pollution, and put people to work by creating 30,000 new construction jobs.

I recently moved from Illinois to Washington, so I registered to vote earlier this month because wanted to be sure that I could vote in the election. Ballots should arrive in our mailboxes soon and must be mailed back by Tuesday, November 2.

As people of faith, we support R-52 because our values call us to reduce energy consumption and keep our climate stable for future generations. You have a voice, one articulated through the way you vote in this election. I encourage you to use your voice to speak for the voiceless, speak for all creation—vote to Approve R-52.

More information on Referendum 52 is available here.

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