Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Daze

By: Dana Swanson

I’m from the Midwest – my rosy cheeks have braved biting Chicago winds and salted sidewalks for many winters. Safe to say, snow isn’t anything new. Regardless, frantic flakes dancing about outside the window pane evoke a familiar childhood excitement. Something about the whimsical way snow falls from the heavens continues to mystifies me.

There are, however, certain things that set apart the recent Seattle snowfall from ones in years past. First, I was assured it rarely snows in Seattle. Since I wasn’t expecting to see snow this year, it all the more precious. Second, when it snows in the Midwest, the colorful oozings of autumn have already been replaced by the barren, gray of winter. But last Monday, that was not the case. Accustomed to deciduous trees losing their leaves before the first snow fall, it is strange to see veiny oranges and reds graced by white powder as they cling to the branches.

Where are the dormant days of winter? So much life remains beneath the furry white blanket. The vibrant green blades of grass, not yet browned by the winter months, peek through the light layer. Chunky white flakes gently highlight flower petals, casually loitering amongst the remnants of warmer days.

If one questions the beauty of creation, on days like today she need not search beyond the flakes caught on her eyelashes. Each individual snowflake sparkles with a splendor that cannot be replicated. Yet when they come together, the flakes whisper a silent winter blanket over the Earth. It is our responsibility – and privilege – to care for this planet so that future generations can revel in the glory of the winter's first snow.

I encourage you to be faithful stewards of creation - attend the Environmental Priorities Coalition's Legislative Workshop on Saturday, January 8 from 9:30am to 2:15pm at Seattle Pacific University. This annual event is your opportunity to be involved as Washington's 25 leading conservation groups prepare for the upcoming legislative session. Come learn about the Environmental Priorities for Washington State, as well as ways to faithfully advocate for creation. Registration opens in December - check Earth Ministry's event page for more information.

Use your voice this Legislative session to speak for creation - do it so your children will have a chance to appreciate the tickle of melting snowflakes on their grinning cheeks.

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