Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sacred Acts by Mallory McDuff

From evangelicals to Episcopalians, people of faith are mobilizing to confront climate change. Now on sale, Sacred Acts, is a new, unique anthology by Mallory McDuff. The book brings together stories from across North America of contemporary church leaders, parishioners, and religious activists who are working to define a new environmental movement, where honoring the Creator means protecting the planet.

Sacred Acts documents the diverse actions taken by churches to address climate change through stewardship, advocacy, spirituality, and justice. The book features a chapter written by Earth Ministry's Executive Director, LeeAnne Beres, and Program and Outreach Director, Jessie Dye. Their chapter is entitled "From Church Sanctuaries to the Steps of the Capitol: Faithful Advocacy for a Coal-Free Washington" and details the faith community's leadership in successfully passing a bill in 2011 to phase out Washington's only coal-fired power plant.

LeeAnne and Jessie describe how faithful advocacy builds upon individual faith formation and congregational work to live out Jesus' call to discipleship. They recall Earth Ministry's own development and the need for all three of these branches. Together, committed individuals, greening congregations, and faithful advocates have the power and strength to make a real difference in the sustaining the Earth. Earth Ministry's success in leading a Coal-Free Washington is proof of just that.

Order your own copy of Sacred Acts here! A percentage of the proceeds of sales through this link benefits Earth Ministry.

Other chapters focus upon food and faith, mountaintop removal in Applalachia, environmental justice. Sacred Acts is an orientation to the environmental stewardship of churches across the United States. The book's case studies show the impact that faith communities are having upon climate change.

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