Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sabbath-Keeping and Creation Care

HammockIn a couple of weeks, Earth Ministry will be releasing the summer issue of Earth Letter, our quarterly mini-journal and newsletter. The theme for this summer is Sabbath -- how our Sabbath-keeping behaviors can care for God's creation.

Earth Letter is a benefit of membership in Earth Ministry. Join today to receive the summer issue on Sabbath and three more issues featuring faith-based writing on environmental issues and to keep up with the Goings-On of Earth Ministry.

The summer issue on Sabbath features the following articles:

  • "Finding your 24/6 Rhythm in a 24/7 World" by Matthew Sleeth, MD,
  • "Give the Earth a Sabbath Day" by Christopher D. Ringwald
  • "The Sabbath Effect" by Rebekah Simon-Peter
  • "Connecting the Jewish Sabbath to the Environment" by Baruch Sienna

Did you like what you read in Earth Letter? Check out these books written by our featured authors:
PictureThe Natural Bible by Baruch Sienna

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