Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hidden Hazard in the Nursery

Toxins in children's products?  It sounds too ridiculous to be true.  Who would want to poison kids?  Yet a new study by the Washington Toxics Coalition and Safer States found 17 popular baby products contained toxic flame retardants.
The study tested 20 products, including nursing pillows, changing pads, car seats, and bassinet pads.  Chlorinated Tris, a known carcinogen that has been linked to neurotoxicity and hormone disruption, was the most prevalent toxic flame retardant in the study.  Out of the 20 products, researchers found chlorinated Tris in 16 of the baby products.  In the 1970s, chlorinated Tris was removed from children's pajamas due to adverse health effects, yet it persists in surrounding our children in our homes, cars, and nurseries.  View the executive summary of the report here.

In the face of this dismal report, there is hope for the children of Washington! The Toxic-Free Kids Act was introduced to the Washington State legislature on Monday (SB 6120 and HB 2266).  Earth Ministry and fellow members of the Environmental Priorities Coalition support this bill.  The Toxic-Free Kids Act will ban chlorinated Tris and other toxins in children's products, while moving towards comprehensive reform by requiring companies to conduct thorough health and safety assessments of potential alternatives.

As people of faith, we recognize that each newborn is a child of God, a blessed creation. We must care for them and allow them to develop. Unfortunately, with Tris and other toxins in children's products, children's risk of cancer and development disabilities is on the rise.

Tell your legislators that caring for the next generation is the responsibility of everyone.  Help parents raise healthy children and care for our future by taking toxins out of baby products.


Anonymous said...

This is a really important issue to me. Thanks for working on this bill!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this update. I understand that there are hearings on this bill on Tuesday, January 17 at 10:00 in the Seanate and 1:30 in the House in Olympia. Can anyone come and support the bill?