Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Buy a Bus Pass

by Eric Pfaff

I have a short blog entry for you today, with the message: Buy a bus pass.

Of course, it is easy to say you will ride the bus. I have been telling others to do it for years now. But even with gas prices at easily over $4/gallon, I still found myself filling up my car's gas tank. Then, through Earth Ministry, I received my very first bus pass.

It's a lot easier on the mental pocketbook to swipe a card than shell out $1.25 in cash, and if you have already purchased a bus pass (especially the 1-month to 3-month long passes) then the less you use your pass, the more you overpaid for something (and the more you use your pass, the cheaper it gets per ride!).

Go here:

The more you ride, too, I have discovered, the easier it gets to navigate the bus system--imagine that! So don't let that scare you off. I know I have probably pointed to it before, but Trip Planner (link below) can tell you how to get anywhere by bus using the time you want to leave, or the time you want to arrive to your destination.

Alright, this post ended up being longer than expected. Maybe it's because my co-workers are off gallivanting in the woods of Holden Village and I am holding down the fort here, with only the blog readers to keep me company. . . or maybe not.

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Kerri said...

Eric you are the reason I ride the bus as much as I do...

I really like the blog about the chickens too. I got a worm house/compost box today at the farmers market and I'm super stoked to put it to use!!