Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Familiar & Unexpected

Fresh mountain air, bright sun illuminating the backdrop of snowfields and craggy peaks, conversations with friends—new & old, a monstrous dish of butter pecan ice cream at the end of the day…

For me the Earth Ministry trip to Holden was both a return to the familiar (I’ve been there several times before) and a leap into the unexpected.

Holden Village is all about community, so each experience in the Village is different, depending on who happens to be a part of the community on that particular day or week.

I had never been a member of the teaching staff before, and the privilege of adding to that portion of the week’s conversation was very exciting! LeeAnne and I led a movement prayer session, and the response from the participants was wonderful. I heard reports of folks adding movement practices into their daily routine after their experience with us, and I was part of a spontaneous Earth Body Prayer practice on the shores of Holden Lake. Pretty amazing!

The teaching sessions on “The Ethics of Energy,” led by Earth Ministry board members Brian Nassz and Kevin O’Brien, added another element of excitement to my week. Kevin & Brian allowed the Holden community to drive the dialogue, and many of us were able to insert our unique backgrounds and values into the conversation. We each left with a broader appreciation of the issues surrounding energy use—I, for one, plan to challenge myself to ask bigger questions!
Thanks again to all who were able to join us in the Holden community this year--I look forward to seeing you again soon.

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