Thursday, April 10, 2008

Create a Weekend Transportation Plan

What fabulous events should I attend this weekend? Who will be the best speakers? Where will I find the most delicious food? How will I get there??

As yesterday’s post by LeeAnne reminded us, there are many amazing (and environmentally-focused) gatherings planned for the coming days. We all want to fit in as many of these exciting experiences as we possibly can. And believe me, I definitely want to encourage you to do so!

I also want to encourage everyone to be mindful of their transportation choices when finalizing weekend plans. While you’re talking to your friends about the H.O.P.E. Conference, the Seattle Green Festival, and the Everything Must Change tour, ask if anyone is interested in carpooling. Or, if you’ll be attending on your own or meeting friends and family there, consider taking the bus (use the Metro Trip Planner to find the best routes) or using people-powered travel: walk, bike, rollerblade, or scoot! The Green Festival will even be offering free bicycle valet service—it’s not every day you can receive VIP treatment for riding your bike!

As I’m sure you are aware, the benefits of public or shared transportation are numerous. You save fuel, help ease traffic congestion, waste less time (and money) on parking, and foster a greater sense of community. Many of us have a regular weekday practice for riding our bikes or catching a bus to work, but it sometimes takes extra planning and motivation to use those same methods on the weekend.

In the spirit of Earth Month, I challenge you to take that extra step—bike, bus, walk, or carpool and arrive at this weekend’s events Green, ready to be Changed, and full of Hope.

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