Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hot Day in Seattle

Maiko Minami, EarthMinistry, Intern

On the way to downtown, through the window next to my seat in the bus, I saw many people waiting for their buses at every single bus stop. "Why are there many people taking bus today?" I asked to a grandmother next me with her grandson on her knee. "There are three things happening today. One is Dalai Lama at Quest Field, another is baseball game at Safeco Field later this afternoon, and Green Festival at the Convention Center." I asked, "Are you going to Green Festival? That's what I am going now." She said, " I am going to see Dalai Lama. I believe that it is really important for us to listen him especially for parents. They need to care more about others for their kids' education." Yes, I think it, too. It is important for parents to know the best way for them to live with others peacefully in theirsociety on the Earth because that makes their kids to follow them in their future when they need to make some decisions.

In GreenFestival, I saw many interesting items or goods that were eco-friendly ones. One of things that I was interested in was FairTrade. There were many kinds of Fair Trade goods such as chocolate, tea, coffee, banana, cocoa, and wine. Also, there are many FairTrade crafts introduced. I brought one of my friend. She is not familiar to Fair Trade and asked me what it is. So, I explained about it to her and encouraged her to choose FairTrade coffee whenever she has choices.
Everyday, every minute, we make some decisions for our lives. When you make them, you may want to think about others who may suffer from your decisions you will make. Caring about others is simple and the most important attitude for people to live on the Earth peacefully.

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