Saturday, April 5, 2008

Working for the Earth!

From Maiko Minami, Earth Ministry Intern

Today, I joined the first event for Earth Ministry in Earth Month! I went to Seward Park this morning to pull out invasive weeds, English Ivy. This reminded me of the class where I have learned invasive trees at Seattle University. I did not know that Ivy was a harmful to trees before. So, when I was in Japan, whenever I saw trees covered with Ivy, I thought that they were mysterious and even beautiful with its vines. But, after I learned the fact of invasive weeds' power that kills native trees in class and experienced the hands-on study my view has changed little by little.
Today, I saw trees covered with them differently. I felt really sad about it. I saw these trees as if they were shouting out for the help. They were crying because they did not want to die. So, when I tore the vines off from the these trees, I felt I was saving the life of the trees, which is precious to us and God. All the work I did today was for God. Because it was for God who gave us eternal grace, I could keep doing the work today even among the prickly bush on the maddy land.

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Anonymous said...

I love thsi post. How joyful!