Wednesday, June 25, 2008


By Eric Pfaff

Buenos dias!
There are two things I would like to share with you today. First, a link to magnificent pictures of golden sting rays migrating. And second, I would like to share some ideas on caring for chickens in the city, taken from the Seattle Tilth website.

Now I personally don't have chickens, primarily because I move every nine months when classes end. But as soon as I settle down, then chickens will come. In the name of bullet points, I leave you this:
  • For most Seattle households, 3 chickens are allowed.
  • Roosters make noise, and so do hens. Hens are quieter.
  • Hens can lay about 180-320 eggs/year.
  • Chickens can run around the yard, just protect them from predators!
  • After the 2nd year of laying, egg production decreases.
  • The chicken excrement can be used as compost.

If this interests you
, find out more at the Seattle Tilth "Chicken FAQ."

Check here for more information on rules and regulations for owning animals in the City of Seattle (including bee-keeping, which is the new "in" thing).

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