Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vacations of All Kinds

By Kaitlin Torgerson

I’m not certain, but I think summer might actually be here or at least on its way. Even though the chilly damp weather made me think otherwise this morning, my heart was still feeling the warmth and sunshine of the weekend (the warmth might have just been my sunburned nose; I forgot my sunscreen).

Perhaps some of you are planning upcoming vacations and days off from work this summer, giving yourself a much needed break. However, did you ever think to give your car a bit of a vacation as well? My guess is that with high gas prices, many people are looking for alternative transportation this summer.

Seattle Climate Action Now has launched a program to encourage people to pledge to “Give Your Car the Summer Off.” They are asking people to reduce their driving miles by 1000 miles and find other ways to visit those favorite summer attractions. In return, Seattle CAN gives you a coupon for discounts to different Seattle area businesses. Get 10% the Seattle aquarium or the Woodland Park Zoo. Check out the Burke Museum with two for one tickets. Read more about the pledge and see the other businesses that are granting discounts. Save money and the environment just by leaving your car at home this summer!

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