Monday, June 30, 2008

Busting with Environmental Vigor

By Kaitlin Torgerson

This past weekend, I was able to leave Seattle and spend some much needed time in this beautiful creation. I took the ferry over to the Olympic peninsula, spending a few days at Olympic National Park and out to the coast for my first stroll along the Pacific Ocean(insert gasp of shock here). Without a cloud in the sky, I was able to jump into the waves, look at all sorts of creatures in the tide pools, and see a stunning sunset. It cleared my mind and helped me focus on some of the reasons I work at Earth Ministry—to protect these unique species and ensure sacred places like this one are here for generations to come.

Now today, I’m back in the office and wondering what to do with my re-found energy and focus. Maybe some of you are a little like me—you get inspired, rejuvenated, and maybe even a little more self-confident after a some good fresh air. I’m lucky that I could blog today to get out some of this creative creation energy. How are you letting your environmental vigor after this lovely weekend of sunshine? Are you finding yourself just itching to tell others about your love of this creation, but just can’t find a responsive audience?

If you haven’t found some sort of outlet yet, let me suggest one for you: Earth Ministry’s St. Francis Sermon Smack-Down. No gladiator jousting needed—just a love for creation care and a willingness to share a message. This sermon contest is open to anyone and everyone who wants to submit a sermon, homily, or message of faith in action related to care for God’s creation. Three finalists each will be selected in lay and clergy categories to give their sermons at Earth Ministry’s Celebration of St. Francis on October 4.

But wait!! Deadline for submission is only one month away, so get those heads thinking, pens writing, and keyboards clacking. For contest rules, prizes, and details please see Earth Ministry’s website.

Seriously, drag that laptop outside and don’t be shy. You’ve got nothing to lose. And no, saying you've never given a sermon is not a good enough reason and neither is saying you give them all the time.

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