Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Lenten Call to Worship

Leader- The ice is breaking up, the shad are running, Spring tantalizes.

People- There is a sense of a big ship reversing course, and economy circling around itself, a politics dying and rebirthing.

Leader- We wonder whether to be happy or sad, to grieve or rejoice, to be bothered or enchanted.

People- Lent lengthens our bewilderment, bewitching as it bothers.
Leader- Today, O God, turn us around toward joy.

All- Set our faces on hope. Bother us with possibility. Amen.

Unison Prayer

Let the ice break up in us, O God, in our spirits and our homes, our vexations and our bewilderments, our nation and our globe. Make us frugalistas, people who know how to make really good use of trouble, people on whom nothing is wasted. Amen.
Prayer provided by Donna Schaper
Photo by Peter Brake

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