Monday, March 2, 2009

Remember You Are Stardust

James in Seattle sent us this beautiful quote in honor of our Lenten Blog:

Remember you are stardust, and to stardust you shall return.
Remember that you are connected, and to connection you return.

What if these words and their meaning are what we take in as we step forward to be signed with ashes? What if, instead of focusing on being nothing, we admit to being someone whose very being is united with all the creativity and goodness and greatness that have ever existed? What if our focus shifts a bit and we claim our identity as human beings made in the image and likeness of God - not merely in an effort to feel good about ourselves, but as a prerequisite for what discipleship really means: living in freedom, carrying on the work of the one we follow, Jesus, the mystery of God wrapped in the mystery of the human? To claim that we are stardust - connected to all that is - having the capacity to recognize the connection, to reflect on and live out of it - will radically alter how we move through this season of Lent. Our fasting will consist of refusing to think of ourselves as too small or insignificant to matter. Our prayer and almsgiving will be informed by the desire to acknowledge and live out of the unity that is at the heart of all creation.

~Judy Cannato, Quantum Grace

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