Thursday, February 14, 2008

Deanna: Everything Has Its Price

From Deanna Akre Matzen, Earth Ministry Operations Manager

"Everything has its price. And church history suggests that the spiritual life is no exception. Dissatisfaction with mainstream life can lead some to despair, but for others it can be a stimulus toward a radically different set of priorities. The spiritual journey from head to heart requires a passion for the real thing. It's hard, Jesus said, for those who are rich--for those who are already comfortable (Matthew 19:23). There is a future, however, for anyone who is willing, if called upon, to give up everything."

From "A Little Guide to Christian Spirituality" by Glen G. Scorgie

Since deciding to give up driving to work for Lent, I've been reflecting on the fact that being an environmentalist is hard. We give up so much -- comfort, money, time, etc. -- and all for the greater good. The quote above reminds me that it should be that way for Christians too.

Having said that, I'm now going to ask for some grace. This week I failed. I drove to work on Monday and Tuesday. This is significant considering that I work in the office only 3 days a week. But I failed not for a lack of desire or effort but because we had an event Tuesday night that required me to bring arm loads of stuff from home - plates, glasses, food, etc.

To make up for driving to work 2 days this week, I decided to ride my bike to work on Wednesday (no carbon emissions!). It was a beautiful, sunny day with temperatures peaking in the upper 40s. A decided improvement over the last four weeks of weather.

The only challenge was that I had taken a large cardboard box home with me to keep some dishes from flying around my car and it turned out that I grabbed LeeAnne's box, one she needed to take her own dishes home in. I had agreed to return it the next day, but on the drive home realized that I had a small engineering problem. I'd have to strap it to my bike or break it down and put it in my paniers. I chose the latter option.

It was so fun to be on my bike again after several months of furlow. However, the ride home (uphill 4 miles) was less than inspiring. Hopefully amnesia will set in soon and I will again join the small mass of brave winter riders before Lent is over.

Pounds of Carbon Saved: 35.4

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Sarah said...

Way to go with zero emissions biking to make up for driving earlier in the week.