Monday, February 25, 2008

Beth: Vegan Birthday Dilemma

From Beth Anderson, Earth Ministry's Outreach Associate:

This past week has been fairly uneventful in local-vegan-food land…aside from passing up the onions on a recent trip to Safeway (one variety was shipped in from Chile and the others were of unknown origin) life is pretty normal. Our household has settled on some new favorite meals: pasta with oil, garlic, and spicy greens; burritos with locally-made Field Roast chorizo; scrambles with potatoes, instead of eggs, as the base.

However, the big challenge comes tomorrow—my birthday! During my past Lenten fasts, I’ve always decided that my birthday could be an oasis of gluttony in the midst of whatever form of austerity I was choosing to pursue. This year I am going to try to stay on the straight and narrow. I will honor my Lenten commitment, and I will find a way (or even many ways) to celebrate with local, vegan treats.

I plan to start the day off with some Mighty-O donuts—I might even invite the Earth Ministry staff to join me in this feast. Later in the day, my husband will take me out to my favorite vegan Thai restaurant (yes, Araya in the U-District), and the finale will be a yummy lemon cake. Mm…I can’t wait.

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