Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kaitlin: A Personal Decision?

From Kaitlin Torgerson, Earth Ministry's Outreach Coordinator

The other day, I stood watching one of my housemates as she awkwardly used a bowl she had cooked in to wash dishes. When I asked her what she was doing, she responded, “Oh, I’m just trying to save water and support you through this Lent.” With a warmed heart, I thanked her and realized how our personal choices are really never “personal.”

When I started up my Lenten practices this year, I was trying to live in solidarity and see what I could do to treat water as the God-given gift it is. What I didn’t realize was that by making a decision public, I was getting others to think about their own personal choices. In letting others know about our creation care practices, we are creating a conversation about sustainability. It creates the opportunity for people to ask, “Why did you decide to meet at this coffee shop and not this one?.” Or instead, “Why does it take you so long to get to work?” Our decisions are more like conversation starters.

Perhaps this support is why my Lent has been so easy. I live in a great community with the three women in my house who have taken my practices in stride. I have the words of advice and encouragement from the Earth Ministry staff and I am blessed to have an abundance of friends (including our blog readers) and family who support me not only with words, but through their own actions.

Many thanks to you all for your words, suggestions, and for sharing.

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