Saturday, March 29, 2008

Beth: From Easter to Earth Month

From Beth Anderson, Earth Ministry Outreach Associate:

This year, the miracle of Easter leads us directly into Earth Month! As a resurrected people, we will go out into the world to both celebrate and protect the abundant life that has been renewed around us and within us.

Today Earth Ministry held an event for our Colleagues in member congregations. These are folks who are doing the real on-the-ground work to make houses of worship and communities of faith more environmentally-friendly and Creation-focused. As an Earth Ministry staff person, I felt honored to listen to the amazing stories of transformation and renewal that have taken place in congregations all over Western Washington. Signs of resurrection and new life are everywhere!

As we enter together into the excitement, celebration, and busyness of Earth Month, let us each take some time to center ourselves in our relationships with the Creator and Sustainer of all life:

Fire of Love…purify my heart.
Burning Bush…consume me.

Living Waters…wash over me.

Deep Well…draw me to you.
Spirit of Life…enliven me.

Breath of All Breath…breathe me forth.

Ground of All Being…root me in you.

Womb of All Life…birth me anew.

“The Earth Rosary” from Green Sisters: A Spiritual Ecology,
by Sarah McFarland Taylor

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