Sunday, March 23, 2008

Maiko: "Happy Easter!"

From Maiko Minami, Earth Ministry, Intern

I bought another Fair Trade coffee bag yesterday. Though I thought I was going to quit this after Easter, avoiding non-Fair Trade coffee already became one of my habits, which I will keep doing even after Easter. During this Lenten season, I had many chances to tell people the reason why I drank only coffee, which was Fair Trade and organic. For example, whenever I went to coffee shop with friends, they saw me not drink coffee. They knew that I loved drinking coffee so much, so they started asking me why. Then, I told them the reason. “I am doing this for God. I am caring about my brothers and sisters around the world and the environment, which are all creatures of God.”

It is Easter today. Many people in church said to me “Happy Easter!” When I heard it, I really understood the meaning of happiness. Easter gives us the true happiness through Jesus’ being risen again. I just learned that rabbits and eggs are the symbols of new life, and candies freely given are of grace given by God.

Thank you, God, for sending Jesus to the Earth to save us and giving us a hope of our new lives which will last forever.

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