Monday, March 31, 2008

Kaitlin: Keeping at it

Beth blogged earlier about our Colleague and Congregational Sharing we held last Saturday. I also had the great honor of being part of this event. Since joining the staff of Earth Ministry, I’ve been following many of these congregations and their colleagues (congregational activists) who have made creation care a commitment. I was thrilled to be among so many of these talented, inspiring, and devoted colleagues.

Part of this event included colleague sharing of greening activities going on in their congregation. We were able to rejoice in each other’s accomplishments, empathize with disappointment, and offer each other advice and suggestions. One theme seemed to stand out throughout the congregational sharing: perseverance must overcome discouragement.

The obstacles can seem daunting, but I was reminded by a colleague from Richmond Beach UCC that, “You have to keep at it. Change takes time, but it’s our responsibility to make sure it happens.” Richmond Beach UCC just became one of our Greening Congregations after ten years of their colleague, “keeping at it.”

Another colleague shared a story of a man throwing starfish into the ocean. When asked why he would do this knowing that the beach had miles of starfish that might never be reached, he responded, "For this one it makes a difference." The colleague went on to tell of the beautiful gardens he helped plant at Georgetown Gospel Chapel. He explained how it is possible for each of us to make a difference and how in numbers our strength is overwhelmingly powerful. Just in seeing this crowded room, I could feel that undefeatable strength.

I walked home after the event still riding off of everyone’s enthusiasm and energy. The cherry blossoms were a little pinker than I remembered and the birds were a little louder.

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