Sunday, March 30, 2008

Maiko: Jesus is within People

From Maiko Minami, Earth Ministry Intern:

I spent this weekend in Spokane.

It was my first time to go there.
Snow snow snow!! I could not believe that it was in the end of March!
But, I could also see many beautiful trees covered with snow flakes.

The purpose to got there was actually not to see lots of snow but to attend a conference. It was Northwest Nikkei United Methodist Conference. My host mother and father are the second generation Japanese American. About two month ago, I asked them to bring me and my friend to the conference because we wanted to know Japanese American culture more. So, we could make it.

In the conference we found the existence of Japanese traditional culture, some of which were lost in Japan long time ago. We found such culture not only in material things but also within thier spirits. We were impressed that how much they love each other. I really felt that Jesus is still alive. Because of the existence of Jesus within thier hearts, they did not lose the most important thing as human beings 'loving one another' in thier culture.

Next week, I am going to share my testimony with my host family's church. Since the members of the church already knew the importance of loving one another, after I talk about how I became Christian for my testimony, I would like to add the importance of loving the creature by extending the range of love to the non-human beings.

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Lady Vankovic said...

thats just wonderful. I have never met a japanese christian before.. And this is truly amazing. Youre right. i hope you have an amazing time with your testimony and i pray that you will touch hearts