Monday, March 3, 2008

Beth: Vegan Celebrity??

Well, this is a new one—a Seattle U journalism student (and former Earth Ministry intern) asked me last week if I’d be willing to do an interview about my vegan Lent. Veronica is putting together a short video news-magazine piece on vegans in Seattle and wanted my input, so this afternoon I sat in front of a bright light and a camera and answered some insightful questions about my Lenten commitment.

Even though I am slightly camera-shy, this was a great opportunity to reflect on my experience and to better formulate my thoughts about what this short stint of veganism will mean for my post-Lent life.

My favorite part of the interview was the following exchange: “What will your first Easter meal look like?” Veronica asked. My immediate reply—“I’m pretty sure it’s going to include a cheesy egg dish and some buttery baked goods!”

I’ll let you know if Veronica’s vegan documentary comes to a video blog near you so you can tune in to see my on-camera debut…

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V said...

Well! Vegan celebrity indeed... I will by all means post the veganism video when it's been tweaked to perfection (or at least the closest to perfection I can come to using final cut pro!) Over spring break I will post it on my blog:

good luck!