Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kaitlin: Finally, Feeling the Routine

From Kaitlin Torgerson, Earth Ministry Outreach Coordinator

I think I finally made my water-saving techniques routine this past week. It’s taken me almost 30 days and for some reason, I thought it would have been quicker. It seemed like such an easy task that would swiftly become innate. Not the case I guess. However, I should have know better. Studies show it takes 21 days of a solid pattern to make something a habit. It only makes sense that in the past week, my water reduction feels natural, and I don’t have to continually remind myself to just turn the faucet off and leave the bleach behind.

I’ve found a routine in my mornings that has helped me come to work mentally prepared for the day. The morning crankiness that I commented on in previous posts has disappeared as I’ve discovered other ways to rid myself of grogginess besides the morning hot shower. On the mornings I get up a little earlier, I’m able to go for a walk or do Pilates. If I have a little less time, I read some of the paper or my daily devotions over a cup of tea. These little additions have been great alternatives that are more productive at mentally preparing me and are certainly less wasteful than my long showers.

This morning, things finally felt normal. I woke up with enough time to do Pilates, take a quick shower, and eat breakfast while reading the science section of the New York Times. It was a great way to start my morning off. No excess water needed.

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